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"Data on exclusions (both permanent exclusions and temporary or fixed term exclusions) can be used as an indicator of bad behaviour. Exclusions can indicate a variety of behaviour problems, including violence or threatening behaviour towards other pupils and persistently disobeying rules. While data on exclusions is a useful indicator of bad behaviour, care must be taken when comparing results between different schools. Schools have different policies on exclusion, and differences in exclusion rates may be reflective of these policies rather then the behaviour of the young person. Data for individuals is available from the education or training provider. Schools record their overall rate of exclusions. National and regional statistics are published by the Office for National Statistics". For more information on this indicator see: This indicator has been identified by Inspiring Impact as part of The Journey to EmploymenT (JET) Framework. School records

For more information on this indicator see:

Data for individuals must be collected from education or training providers. Data on national rates of exclusions can be found here:

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