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This is an indicator recommended by Big Society Capital as a good way to measure number of high quality, affordable and accessible services,. Availability of affordable arts and cultural events and centres. Availability of heritage services/centres that provide free or affordable access. Number of events staged in public realm/green spaces. Average household spend on recreation and culture Attendance rate of arts-related or cultural activities Number of businesses operating in creative or cultural industries Percentage of population who participated in a cultural activity or attended a cultural or heritage event or place within the past 12 months Number of arts, cultural and heritage facilities that have become more accessible to people with specific needs.



BenchmarkReduction in price of a number of arts and cultural services.Increased availability of heritage services/centres.Improved attendance figures of arts-related and/or cultural activities. Increase in the number of businesses operating in the creative and cultural industries.Greater proportion of population who participated in cultural event in the past 12 months.

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