Volunteering Training Program

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  • Stakeholder 1
    Schools, Universities who wish to offer volunteering to students as a part of skills development and job readiness program×
    • Outcome 1
      Values literacy increased×
    • Outcome 2
      Emotional resilience increased×
    • Outcome 3
      Social impact skills increased×
  • Stakeholder 2
    Corporations - who want to send their people to gain skills through volunteering×
    • Outcome 1
      People trained in values literacy for career paths, problem-solving and decision making×
  • Stakeholder 3
    Individuals who wish to volunteer×
    • Outcome 1
      Increase in emotional resilience - Fear&Fail training completed, story created, participated at the public event , increase in emotional resilience, self confidence, social skills, receiving and giving feedback, social skills, influencing×
    • Outcome 2
      Volunteering mission completed, increase in leadership skills, entrepreneurship skills×
    • Outcome 3
      Social Impact workshop completed, ToC creted for a selected project, increase in knowledge and skills in key elements of social impact×
    • Outcome 4
      Increased self-awareness and self knowledge - values literacy improved×
      • Values assessment completed, increase in personal values literacy×
      • Volunteering mission completed, increase in leadership skills, entrepreneurship skills×
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