Attendance Allowance Higher rate (E&E8.0)can help you understand the value of


£81.3 per claimant Per week

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TechniqueCost or income
"Attendance Allowance is a regular payment for people who need help with personal care because they are physically or mentally disabled and are aged 65 or over. It is paid weekly at 2 different rates, depending on the level of help needed by the claimant. The higher rate is paid for people requiring help or supervision throughout both day and night, or who are terminally ill. "This valuation has been taken from New Economy's Unit Cost Database. The Unit Cost Database "brings together more than 600 cost estimates in a single place, most of which are national costs derived from government reports and academic studies. The costs cover crime, education & skills, employment & economy, fire, health, housing and social services." The valuation has been taken from Outcome Category "CRIME", Outcome Detail " DOMESTIC VIOLENCE". In the Unit Cost Database, this valuation related to stakeholder "State". For more information see:
Attendance Allowance (GOV.UK, February 2015). (This valuation has been sourced from New Economy's Unit Cost Database, which can be accessed here:

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