Average cost of service provision for children/ adolescents suffering from mental health disorders, per person per year - total fiscal cost (to the National Health Service) (HE12.0)can help you understand the value of


£230 per person per year

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TechniqueCost or income
"This is the average annual cost of service provision for children/adolescents aged 5-15 suffering from mental health disorders (including hyperkinetic disorders, conduct disorders and emotional disorders; excluding learning difficulties/disabilities). Note that it represents only the fiscal cost to public agencies (no wider economic costs relating to lost earnings are detailed in the source, given the age of the cohort). There will also be associated social costs (e.g. from reduced well-being); these are not monetised in the King's Fund report. All (100%) of the fiscal cost quoted falls to the National Health Service, comprising the following areas: prescribed drugs; inpatient care; National Health Service contacts; A&E visits; and outpatient attendances. An amber flag has been applied, in recognition of the age of the data (2007-08). "This valuation has been taken from New Economy's Unit Cost Database. The Unit Cost Database "brings together more than 600 cost estimates in a single place, most of which are national costs derived from government reports and academic studies. The costs cover crime, education & skills, employment & economy, fire, health, housing and social services." The valuation has been taken from Outcome Category "CRIME", Outcome Detail " DOMESTIC VIOLENCE". In the Unit Cost Database, this valuation related to stakeholder "State". For more information see: http://neweconomymanchester.com/our-work/research-evaluation-cost-benefit-analysis/cost-benefit-analysis/unit-cost-database
Paying the Price: the cost of mental health care in England to 2026 (King's Fund, 2008), p.118 and 104-109. (This valuation has been sourced from New Economy's Unit Cost Database, which can be accessed here: neweconomymanchester.com/our-work/research-evaluation-cost-benefit-analysis/cost-benefit-analysis/unit-cost-database)

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