Major repairs per household (cost of avoidance)can help you understand the value of


£695 per household

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TechniquePotential cost saving or value of resources reallocated
This valuation details the cost of avoidance of major repairs in the household.
The proxy was used in an SROI study exploring the social return from a small scale Handyperson project. The project offered home visits to elderly people and people with disabilities who had no family to support them and who are living in rural areas in the north of Scotland. The service was run through volunteer input, recruiting volunteers from within the remote communities. The service offered a small repairs service, but volunteers also provided companionship and advice, and signposting to and for other agencies. Some repairs were such that their neglect to lead to more serious housing problems
When calcuating this outcome, only houses in public sector ownership were included
Valuation Source: Upper quartile figure for 2006/07 for planned and cyclical maintenance including major repairs [ here] Report Source: Community First Moray SROI Report [ here ] Reference: Datasource:

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