Social impact per return bus journey to a concessionary bus pass holdercan help you understand the value of


£3.84 per return bus journey

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TechniqueStated preference - contingent valuation - willingness to pay
This value relates to the social impact per return bus journey to a concessionary bus pass holder. This is based on the value that bus users place on the activities they undertake at the destination of their trips. This value is expressed in £ per return bus journey.
This value was calculated as art of a study on valuing the social impacts of public transport conducted by the Department for Transport.
This value only applies to the subgroup of travelers who would not make their journey in the absence of an adequate bus service. For more information on the methodology used to calculate this value see:

Value is in 2010 prices.
Mott MacDonald, "Valuing the social impacts of public transport: Final report." 2013. Available at

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