Social cost of carbon per tonne (low emissions scenario)can help you understand the value of


$50 per tonne of CO2

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TechniquePotential cost saving or value of resources reallocated
This valuation relates to the social costs associated with emissions of carbon per tonne under a low emissions scenario. The low emissions scenario is one which aims to have a 50% probability of limiting global warming to below 2°C. Social cost of carbon takes into account a range of factors, including changes to agricultural productivity, human health and flood risk likely to occur due to climate change. This value is in $ per tonne of CO2 emitted.
This valuation was calculated by Chris W. Hope as part of a study into the social cost of CO2.
This valuation is based on the PAGE09 integrated assessment model, which estimates the cost of impacts resulting from climate change.
Chris W Hope, 2011. "The Social Cost of CO2 from the PAGE09 Model". Available at:

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