Average weekly expenditure on household insurancecan help you understand the value of


£5.1 per household per week

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TechniqueCost or income
This valuation is the average weekly spend (in £) by a household reference person (HRP) on household insurance.
This valuation is based on research conducted by the ONS into family spending.
HRP refers to householder who: • owns the household accommodation, or • is legally responsible for the rent of the accommodation, or • has the household accommodation as an emolument or perquisite, or • has the household accommodation by virtue of some relationship to the owner who is not a member of the household. If there are joint householders the household reference person will be the one with the higher income. If the income is the same, then the eldest householder is taken.
Family Spending , 2013 Edition, ONS. Available at: ons.gov.uk/ons/dcp171776_335332.pdf

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