Recreation value of coral reef ecosystems (Vietnam) (Alternate valuation 1)can help you understand the value of


$34.7215833333333 per hectare per year

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TechniqueStated preference - contingent valuation - willingness to pay
This is the estimated value of the ecosystem service: Recreation, subservice: Tourism. This valuation is specific to Vietnam.
This valuation was extracted from The TEEB Valuation Database – a searchable database of 1310 estimates of monetary values of ecosystem services. Foundation for Sustainable Development, Wageningen, the Netherlands. Available at:
This valuation was calculated for Hòn Mun Islands, Nha Trang, Vietnam. WTP of both domestic and foreign tourists. This valuation was calculated using the Contingent Valuation method.
Nam, P.K., and T.V.H. Son (2001) Analysis of the recreational value of the coral-surrounded Hon Mun slands in Vietnam. Environmental Economics Unit, Faculty of Development Economics, University of Economics, Vietnam.

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