Value of prevention of extreme events [unspecified] provided by saltwater wetland ecosystems (Spain)can help you understand the value of


$766 per hectare per year

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Techniqueother or not known
This is the estimated value of prevention of extreme events [unspecified] provided by wetland ecosystems and relates to the ecosystem service: Extreme events. This valuation is specific to Spain.
This valuation was extracted from The TEEB Valuation Database – a searchable database of 1310 estimates of monetary values of ecosystem services. Foundation for Sustainable Development, Wageningen, the Netherlands. Available at:
This valuation was calculated for Catalonia, Spain. This valuation was calculated using the Benefit Transfer method. Total area of the coastal zone of catalonia is 922,892ha.
Brenner-Guillermo, J. (2007) Valuation of ecosystem services in the Catalan coastal zone. Marine Sciences, Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

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