Impact of traffic noise on the value of a property (Sweden)can help you understand the value of


SEK80000 per adult

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TechniqueStated preference - contingent valuation - willingness to pay
This valuation relates to the impact of traffic noise on the value of a residential property. This valuation is specific to Sweden.
This valuation has been extracted from ValueBaseSWE, developed at the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics within a project funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. For more information see:
The study area for this valuation is "Ängby, a suburb of Stockholm, a rectangle of 600 * 1000 meters," with the study population being "n/r". For more information refer to the original study which can be accessed from the data source tab.
The Impact of Traffic Noise on the Value of Single-Family Houses. In Traffic Noise and Property Values. Memorandum 5:50, Doctoral thesis, Department of Real Estate and Construction Management, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

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